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Should I Waive a Home Inspection? Why Tennessee Buyers Are Willing To Right Now

By the time my husband and I put in an offer on a home (for the third time) in August 2022, we were exhausted by the home-buying process—and we hadn’t even bought a home yet. Even

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What's the Difference Between Your Tennessee Home's Market and Assessed Value?

Recent sales of similar properties in the area can be a significant factor when determining the value of your house. Key Takeaways:Property value is viewed in different ways and can vary widely

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8 Signs a Tennessee Home Buyer Isn't Serious

  If all those excited home buyer declarations like “This place is just perfect for us” and “I have to have it!” were binding, selling houses would be a breeze.,

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11 Myths and Facts About Buying Rural Tennessee Land

This myth-busting article sets the record straight about the basics of buying rural land in the post-pandemic 21st century.Buying rural land for the first time can be intimidating.  Not

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